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MIDAS version 4: Your Questions Answered

Since releasing MIDAS v4 last month, many of our existing customers have already updated their installation to this major new release of our web based room scheduling system.

If you’re an existing customer with a current Annual Support Subscription, you too can update right now via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update.

As well as regularly updating our blog in recent months outlining new features in v4, We’ve also been updating our Knowledgebase with new articles relating to the new version. We thought we’d take this opportunity to compile a list of common questions we’ve been asked about MIDAS v4 – a sort of mini F.A.Q. if you will!

So if you’ve got questions about updating, or about some of the changes/new features in v4, you may find the following articles helpful:

Updating to MIDAS v4:

Using MIDAS v4:

We’ll keep this post updated each time we add new Knowledgebase articles that relate to MIDAS v4, but if your question isn’t answered here, please contact us

8 New Video Tutorials Now Available

We know you love our easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials for MIDAS… so we’ve just uploaded a whole bunch of new ones, updating for the very latest release of MIDAS, version 4!

With nearly an hour of new tutorials, broken down into 8 new individual tutorials, the following topics are covered:

  • Setting Up Your Venues
  • Setting Up & Allocating Resources
  • Add, Modify, and Delete Bookings
  • Add, Modify, Delete, and Email Clients
  • Invoicing
  • Accept Booking Requests Online
  • Control and Customize Booking Fields
  • Messages, Notifications, Reminders, and Watches

If you’re an existing user of MIDAS, you’re sure to find these tutorials useful as you start exploring MIDAS v4. If you’re not a MIDAS user just yet, these tutorials will show you just how easy our software is to use, and provide an insight into some of the incredibly powerful and versatile features you can expect from MIDAS.

You can find this video tutorials at //mid.as/tutorials as well as on our YouTube channel

MIDAS v4 Now Available!

New & Improved Features in MIDAS v4:
New Default Theme
New Default Theme
View Multiple Days in a Single Booking Grid
View Multiple Days in a Single Booking Grid
Drag & Drop Bookings To Reschedule
Drag & Drop Bookings To Reschedule
Add Venue Photos/Descriptions & Managers
Add Venue Photos/Descriptions & Managers
History Panel Logs History of every Booking
History Panel Logs History of every Booking
Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated MIDAS v4!

With much of the original code re-written from the ground up, MIDAS v4 is the culmination of over eight months development work, and is packed full of new and improved features. MIDAS v4 also uses a faster, more efficient, database architecture than previous versions.

Here’s a little more insight into some of the new features in MIDAS v4:
MIDAS v4: A Fresh New Look
Weekly & Multiple Day Views
Invoicing Improvements
Improvements to Booking Requests
Do More Direct From The Booking Grid
New History Panel Showing Complete History For Each Booking

View the full changelog here

Existing MIDAS customers with valid Annual Support Subscriptions will be able to update to MIDAS v4 in the coming days as part of their ongoing subscription!

Customers who have their MIDAS “remotely hosted” by us have already been updated to MIDAS v4!

If you’re not yet using MIDAS, now’s the time to get your organization’s room scheduling in order!
Not convinced? Read what some of our existing customers say about our software and support

…and why not try MIDAS v4 out for yourself now at https://demo.mid.as/

New & Improved Features in MIDAS v4:
Generate Invoices Form The Booking Grid
Generate Invoices Form The Booking Grid
Approve Requests From The Booking Grid
Approve Requests From The Booking Grid
Restore Deleted Bookings From The Grid
Restore Deleted Bookings From The Grid
Show Booking Fields To Select Users
Show Booking Fields To Select Users
Specify Resources Per Venue
Specify Resources Per Venue

Try MIDAS v4 Now!

Keen readers of this blog will know by now, that we have a major update coming to MIDAS this Summer!

A lot has changed in this update, which is packed full of new and improved features, uses a new database format, and has much of the original code re-written from the ground up!

Whether you’re an existing user or totally new to the MIDAS way of online scheduling, we need your help to “test” this new update, so that any issues can be identify and fixed before its public release!

Becoming a Beta Tester couldn’t be easier – it’s completely free, there’s nothing to download, and you don’t need any programming experience or knowledge! All you need is your web browser and a bit of spare time! So why not sign up right now!

The more people we have testing this pre-release “beta” version of our popular room scheduling software, the sooner we can release this exciting new update!

Click Here to try MIDAS v4 Now!

Invoicing Improvements in MIDAS v4

As we’ve previously mentioned, in MIDAS v4 you’ll be able to do more directly from the booking grid. One such new improvement will allow you to…

Generate Invoices Directly from the Booking Grid!
Prior to v4, if you wanted MIDAS to generate an invoice for a booking, this had to be generated at time of booking. In v4, whilst that option still remains, you’ll also find a new icon when selecting a booking in the grid, which will allow you to instantly generate an invoice for that booking (provided one hasn’t been previously generated)
Generate Invoices

We’ve also further improved the invoicing capabilities for MIDAS v4, as it will allow you to…

Retrospectively Generate Invoices for Clients
Retrospective Invoicing
In v4, you can select a client, and a date range, and MIDAS will generate a single invoice incorporating all that client’s bookings over the selected date range! …and what’s more, MIDAS will ignore any bookings for which invoices have already been created, meaning that you’ll never invoice for the same booking twice! You can also select the “All Clients” option, and MIDAS will generate a separate invoice for each client with bookings across the date range you select.

This feature will be ideal if you have one person adding bookings, and another looking after the invoicing side, as it will allow them to, for example, generate an invoice for a client one month at a time in arrears!

We’ve also added a couple of new invoicing settings:
Invoice Settings

“Include zero value invoice items?” – If selected, venues and resources for which there is no charge will still be included on invoices for completeness and/or if you need to denote that the client is getting something free of charge. If this option is not selected, items who’s total charge is zero will not appear on generated invoices.

“Create invoices even if invoice total is zero?” – If unselected, MIDAS will only generate invoices where the invoice total is greater than zero. If selected, MIDAS will generate invoices regardless of invoice total.