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Happy New Year!!

It’s the start of a brand new year, and so usually it’s around this time that many businesses quietly increase their prices each year…

Well, not here at MIDAS!! As you may know, we’re a UK based business, and not only have we held our 2016 prices for UK customers going into 2017, but given the short term fluctuations in value of the British Pound since the UK’s decision to leave the EU back in June, our prices for non-UK customers today are actually around 14-20% LOWER than they were at this time last year!

So there’s really never been a better time to get MIDAS! – Make it your new year’s resolution to get your organization’s scheduling and room bookings back on track in 2017 with MIDAS!

What’s more, in 2017 we’re extending private trial periods of our software. Whilst most new customers who first explore a private trial of MIDAS prior to purchase decide it’s right for them within a two week private trial period (in addition of course to our public demo of MIDAS – which has no time limit), we appreciate that due to the extensive range of capabilities of our software some customers like a little long to be able to fully explore all of the features that MIDAS has to offer.

That’s why in 2017 we’re increasing the length of the trial periods we offer from 14 to 30 days!

If you’re considering MIDAS or alternatives to your current room/resource scheduling system, then please contact us to request your free no-obligation 30 day trial

2016 marked our 10th anniversary, and we hope to bring you more exciting updates to MIDAS throughout 2017!

We hope 2017 is a prosperous year for you and your business and we’d love to get MIDAS working for your organization and make your life easier in 2017 and beyond…

Introducing Our New Pricing Structure

When MIDAS was first release back in 2005, we sold copies of our software for a “fixed price”. This same principle has remained in effect ever since. Now, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to change our pricing structure to coincide with the release of MIDAS v4.

The primary reason for this change is to ensure fairness for all our customers, and greater accessibility of our software to a wider audience. Under the previous “fixed price” pricing structure, a small organization with one administrator and a handful of rooms was paying the same price for MIDAS as a large organization with dozens of administrators and hundreds of rooms.. and to us, this didn’t seem fair!

That’s one of the reasons why last year we introduced a “cut-down” version of MIDAS, we called MIDAS Lite to cater for smaller organizations and those on a tighter budget. MIDAS Lite was limited to 10 venues and a single user, and it also didn’t include functions such as Statistics or Invoicing.

With the release MIDAS v4, we’ve dropped our “Lite” edition of MIDAS, and changed our pricing structure so now, the price you’ll pay for MIDAS will depend upon both the number of venues you wish to manage, and the number of users you wish to have access to MIDAS.

The new basic price for MIDAS will allow for a single user and up to 10 venues (similar to the previous limits that MIDAS Lite had) and includes all the features and functions of MIDAS (including Invoicing, Statistics, and Public Booking Requests, etc)

If you have more than 10 venues, or require multiple users have access, pricing options are available according to your needs. You can also upgrade at any time to more venues/users, so as your business develops and grows, MIDAS can grow with you!

There are also “Unlimited” options available for both Venues and Users that will remove limits on the number of venues and/or users you can add to your MIDAS!

Our “Annual Support” and “Hosting + Annual Support” subscription pricing structure will also be updated to reflect the number of venues/users in your MIDAS.

How these changes will affect existing users:
If you purchased MIDAS before 1st August 2012 and have a valid Annual Support Subscription, you’ll be entitled to a FREE update to MIDAS v4!

If you were using MIDAS Lite you will be entitled to upgrade to MIDAS with 1 user and 10 venues (the same limits you had in MIDAS Lite)

If you were using the full edition of MIDAS v3, then as there were no restrictions on the number of venues/users you could add to your MIDAS v4, the same will apply when you update to MIDAS v4! That’s right, existing customers will not have any limits imposed on the total number of venues/users they can add to MIDAS v4!.

We care a great deal about our existing customers, many of whom have been with us since the start! That’s why there will also be no increases in “Annual Support” or “Hosting + Annual Support Subscriptions” for existing customers! In fact, around 30% of existing customers (those with few users/venues) will actually find that their Annual Support/Hosting Subscriptions will decrease upon their next renewal!

We believe our new pricing structure, coinciding with the major new release of MIDAS v4, will be fairer for all, and will help make MIDAS more accessible to all organizations whatever their size!

As ever, we remain totally transparent and upfront about our pricing! Unlike many of our competitors who don’t display their pricing on their websites, and force you to contact them for a quote, our prices are always plainly shown at //mid.as/purchase

If you have any questions about our new pricing structure, please feel free to contact us