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Alternative client for invoicingWe love receiving feedback and suggestions from our customers, and one of the most popular areas that we often receive ideas and suggestions for is Invoicing.

So based on this feedback we’re introducing a host of exciting new features and improvements to the invoicing capabilities of MIDAS for v4.10!

Alternative clients for invoicing

Traditionally, when an invoice is generated in MIDAS for a client’s bookings, the invoice is for that particular client.

However, there are many cases when the person that a booking is for differs from the person who’s paying for it. Quite often for instance its desirable for invoices to instead go to a treasurer or finance department, rather than to the end-client who is actually using your facilities.

With MIDAS v4.10, you can now optionally set an alternative client to use for invoicing for all a client’s future bookings!

Greater control over invoice access

As you may be aware, an extensive range of user permissions are already available within MIDAS allowing administrators to precisely control what each user can see and do once logged in.

One of the user permissions that can be granted is “Can use invoicing?”. If this permission is granted, the user has access to all invoicing features within MIDAS (the ability to generate, create, view, modify, delete, print, and send invoices). Without the “Can use invoicing?” permission, a user has no access to any of the invoicing functions.

Restrict access to invoices

We’ve extended this user permission for v4.10 to include an additional “Restricted” option. Now, if a user’s “Can use invoicing?” permission is set to “Restricted”, they will still be able to generate and create invoices, but they will only be able to view, modify, delete, print or send those invoices which they themselves generated/created (i.e. they will have no access to other invoices generated/created by other users).

Of course, individual users can still be granted full invoicing access as before – allowing them access to all invoices, but this new “restricted” option will give administrators greater control over who can access which invoices.

Greater control over Booking Type Discounts

MIDAS allows you to associate percentage discounts to each of your booking types.
This facilitates charging different room rates depending upon the “type” of booking.

For instance, if you have a room which is usually charged at $100/hour, you could setup a “Non-Profit” booking type with a 50% discount so that any bookings assigned that particular booking type would only be charged at a rate of $50/hour instead of the standard $100/hour rate.

In previous versions of MIDAS, booking type discounts have only applied to room rates. Resources (equipment, consumables, staffing, etc) have not been affected by any booking type discount, and were always charged at their standard rate.

In MIDAS v4.10, administrators can now control how booking type discounts are applied; you can choose to have them only applied to your venue charges (as in previous versions of MIDAS), or only applied to your resource charges, or applied to both venue and resource charges.

Apply discounts to venues and/or resources

Also, in v4.10, for the first time we’ve allowed you to enter negative numbers into the booking type discount field. Entering a negative discount will increase the venue/resource charge by the percentage amount you specify (as opposed to discounting by the specified amount)

Show invoices numbers on booking blocks/tooltips

Select which fields to shown on bookings
Up to two booking fields can be set to show on “booking blocks” within your booking grid (with a further two booking fields set to show on associated tooltips), however it’s previously not been possible to show a booking’s invoice number on its block/tooltip.

In MIDAS v4.10, this has changed and you can now set invoice numbers to show on a booking’s “block”/tooltip, and also in the Monthly Overview too!

Want to help shape and improve future MIDAS updates? Then why not consider becoming a Beta Tester? – it’s free, there’s nothing to install, and no technical knowledge is required!

Coming Soon in v4.08: Invoicing Improvements

MIDAS v4.08 is on the horizon, and as is becoming tradition we’re giving readers of our blog a sneak preview of some of the new and improved features you’ll be able to find in this forthcoming update to our popular Web Based Room Booking and Resource Scheduling Software.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at some of the improvements coming to the invoicing capabilities of MIDAS…

Cancellation Fee Invoices

Generate Invoice For Late Cancellations
MIDAS v4.08 introduces the ability for your booking system to automatically generate invoices if a booking is cancelled at short notice. You can set the generation of these invoices to trigger is a booking is deleted less than a specified number of days or hours before the booking was due to take place. These “Cancellation Fee” invoices can be configured to charge the client a fixed amount for a late cancellation of their booking, or as a percentage of the total cost of their original booking.

Cancellation Invoices also have their own customizable “template” (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Templates) allowing you to customize their appearance separately to your regular invoices.

Automatically Send Invoices

Automatically Send Unsent Invoices
Building upon the automated Scheduled Task features introduced in our previous update, v4.08 introduces an additional option to have the system automatically send any unsent invoices at a specified time each day.

In earlier versions, invoices would remain “unsent” until manually actioned by a user. This new feature gives you the option to automate this process!

Prevent Invoice Deletion

Back in MIDAS v4.03, we introduced a setting to prevent an invoice from being deleted after sending, until the invoice was paid in full. Following customer feedback, we’re now extending this in v4.08 to give you the option to prevent invoices from ever being deleted/removed from the system.

Re-Email Invoices

Previously, once an invoice had been partially paid, or when payment was overdue, it was no longer possible to re-email the invoice to the client again. This restriction has been removed for v4.08.

The next substantial update to our popular web based room booking and resource scheduling software is just around the corner, and throughout this month, we’re outlining some of the new features and improvements you can expect to see in the upcoming v4.07 release….

This post covers some of the improvements coming to the Invoicing capabilities of MIDAS.

Tax Exempt Clients

In MIDAS v4.07, you’ll be able to exclude individual clients from being charged tax on their invoices. Find Out More…

New “Payment Terms” Setting

Payment Terms We’re introducing a new “Payment Terms” setting (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Invoicing) for v4.07, allowing you to specify how many days you allow for your clients to pay their invoices.

New Invoicing Variables

As a result of the introduction of the new “Payment Terms” setting, a whole host of new invoicing variables have also been introduced including, %INVOICEDUEDATE%, %INVOICEDUEIN%, %INVOICEOVERDUEBY%, and %INVOICETERMS%, as well as new variables giving you far greater control over the “Invoice To” section of your invoices.

The previous %INVOICETO% variable (which includes the client’s name, organization, postal address and email address) can be broken down into smaller parts through the use of the new variables %INVOICETO_CLIENT%, %INVOICETO_ORG%, %INVOICETO_ADDRESS%, and %INVOICETO_EMAIL%

New columns in the Invoicing Overview screen

Invoice Overdue Column
Also as a result of the new “Payment Terms” setting, there’s now dedicated “Invoice Date” and “Due Date” columns added to the invoicing overview screen.

Invoice Reminders / Overdue Notifications

Invoice Reminder Template
MIDAS v4.07 contains a new “Scheduled Tasks” engine, which allows your scheduling system to automatically send clients email reminders a number of days before their outstanding invoices are due, or if their invoice is overdue, send them a notification a certain number of days after.

The content and wording of these notifications can be fully customized too!

Improved PayPal Integration

PayPal IPN Integration If you allow your clients to pay their invoices online via PayPal, you can now have PayPal automatically update the status of their invoices within MIDAS once payment has been made, so you’ll no longer have to manually update invoices yourself! For more information, please see: Configuring PayPal Integration

Google Wallet (formally Google Checkout) support removed

Google Wallet The previous ability that existed for clients to pay their invoices online via Google Wallet has regrettably been removed from 4.07, as Google no longer support such payment provisions (Google Checkout has been retired, and Google Wallet is now restricted to payments for mobile apps in the Google Play store only) – we’ve covered this in more depth in this article.

Coming Soon in v4.07: Tax Exempt Clients

The next substantial update to our popular web based room booking and resource scheduling software is just around the corner, and throughout this month, we’re outlining some of the new features and improvements you can expect to see in the upcoming v4.07 release….

Making Clients Tax Exempt

Making Clients Exempt From Tax

We love feedback and suggestions from our customers, and this next feature arises from just such a suggestion (which eagle-eyed readers may have already spotted in a screenshot from our previous post!)

MIDAS already includes powerful invoicing capabilities, allowing you to set flexible room rates for each day of the week as well as different lengths (durations) of booking. In additional, you can also setup discount rates depending upon the type of booking (for example, community hires can be charged at a lower rate than commercial hire of your facilities)

These extensive invoice capabilities are further enhanced for v4.07, as we’re introducing a new per-client setting allowing individual clients to be excluded from having the standard global tax rate you’ve setup for your system (via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Invoicing) applied to their generated invoices.

We’re introducing even more flexibility when it comes to setting your venue rates in MIDAS v4.06!

Currently, you can already setup hourly/daily rates for each of your rooms, and have different rates depending upon the day of the week.

In MIDAS v4.06, we’ve extended this to also allow you to define rates based upon the length of the booking as well!

For example, you can now setup a venue’s rates so that bookings lasting say less than 4 hours could be charged and invoiced at a higher rate than those lasting more than 4 hours.

You can also now define rates as “per booking” as well as “per hour” and “per day”. The new “per booking” option charges a fixed set amount for bookings.

Flexible Venue Rates

So, as per the above screenshot, let’s say you define the following rates for “Meeting Room 1”:

  • $100 per hour for bookings lasting 1+ hours
  • $80 per hour for bookings lasting 4+ hours
  • $450 per booking for bookings lasting 6+ hours

Bookings for “Meeting Room 1” would then be charged as follows:

Length of Booking Total Charge
1h $100 ($100 x 1)
2h $200 ($100 x 2)
3h $300 ($100 x 3)
4h $320 ($80 x 4)
5h $400 ($80 x 5)
6h $450 ($450)
7h $450 ($450)
8h $450 ($450)

We believe this additional flexibility when it comes to charging and invoicing for use of your venues will be great benefit to our customers. Of course, for those who don’t require this level of flexibility, MIDAS can be simply set to charge a single rate for “all bookings”:

Flexible Venue Rates