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As you can probably guess, a room booking system needs to be able to send email notifications. These may include, for instance, booking confirmation emails sent to customers.

MIDAS is no exception, and an extensive range of email settings and options are available in the software. Administrative users may configure these via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Email.

One of the available email settings allows you to have email notifications sent from your MIDAS system to be sent from a particular email address.

Typically, for automated emails that you don’t require a response to, you may specify a “no-reply” style address.

However, what if you want to provide a way for your customers to contact you should they have any queries?

Well, you could use a real email address instead of a no-reply “black hole” inbox which isn’t monitored.

Or, from MIDAS v4.29 onwards, you could instead specify a “Reply To” email address. This can be different from the address that emails from your MIDAS system are sent from.

Specifying a "reply to" email address
Specifying an alternate “reply to” email address

In the above example screenshot, all email sent from the MIDAS system will be sent as though it originated from the address “”.

However, if a recipient of an email from this MIDAS system hits “Reply”, they’ll be composing a message that will be sent to “” (instead of “”.

This new setting adds a standard “Reply-To” header to all outgoing email from your MIDAS system.

More information on the various email configuration options and settings in MIDAS may be found in the documentation.

Our support team often receive emails from customers who are having trouble receiving email from their hosted MIDAS booking system.

We have a dedicated “Why am I not receiving email from my MIDAS system?” article in our extensive Knowledge Base to try to help users resolve their email deliverability issues.

Now, assuming email settings are correct in a customer’s MIDAS system, then the most likely cause is a missing or incorrect SPF record for their organization’s own domain.

SPF stands for “Sender Policy Framework” and its purpose is to prevent unauthorized sending of email purporting to be from someone within your organization.

It’s function is best explained with an example…

Let’s assume that your cloud-hosted MIDAS system resides at “”, and your own organization’s own domain is “”.

You may wish your MIDAS system to be able to send emails appearing from “” even when your booking system is hosted at another domain (i.e.

However, if an SPF record has not been correctly configured on your “” domain to authorize “” to send email on behalf of your organization’s own domain, emails sent from your MIDAS system will likely not arrive.

In a previous blog post we explain the importance of SPF in more detail. This also covers how to correctly set an SPF record for MIDAS email delivery…

Anyway, back to email settings in MIDAS itself. These may be configured via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Email.

Email settings and SMTP Test button in MIDAS.

When choosing to have outgoing email sent via your organization’s own SMTP (mail) server, an “SMTP Test” button is shown. This allows you to send a test email to yourself using the SMTP settings you’ve entered.

Starting with MIDAS v4.28, we’ve added an SPF record check into this SMTP test for cloud hosted customers.

This will attempt to retrieve the SPF record for your domain, and warn you if it’s not been correctly configured to allow your MIDAS system to send email on behalf of your organization.

We hope this check will help our cloud-hosted customers to correctly setup an SPF record for their domain to ensure email deliverability.

Client Notification Improvements

We believe in giving your clients control over the automated email notifications and reminders they may receive from your MIDAS system. To that end, we’re making some improvements in this area for v4.25.

Improved Client Email Notification Settings

Previously, each client in MIDAS could be set to receive the following email notifications:

  • None – Client isn’t sent any automated reminders.
  • Bookings – Client is sent automated reminders about their upcoming bookings.
  • Invoices – Client is sent automated reminders about their upcoming invoices.
  • Bookings + Invoices – Client is sent automated reminders about their upcoming bookings and upcoming invoices.

Automated client email notification from your MIDAS system included an unsubscribe link. This allowed clients to opt out of receiving further automated notifications from your MIDAS system. Effectively, the client’s “E-Mail Reminders” setting reverts back to “None”.

For v4.25, we’re extending the automated client notification email options. These now include:

Improved Client Email Reminder/Notification Options in v4.25
Improved Client Email Reminder/Notification Options in v4.25
  • Bookings (Upcoming) – Client is sent automated reminders about their upcoming bookings.
  • Bookings (Recently Ended) – Client is sent automated follow-up emails after their bookings.
  • Invoices (Upcoming) – Client is sent automated reminders about their upcoming invoices.
  • Invoices (Overdue) – Client is sent automated reminders about their overdue invoices.

Clients can also unsubscribe from each notification type, rather than blanket unsubscribing from all notifications.

Easier For Clients To Unsubscribe From Notifications

MIDAS v4.25 now includes a “List-Unsubscribe” header in automated email notifications to your clients. This can make it even easier for them to opt-out of receiving further automated notifications from your MIDAS system.

Email software which support the “List-Unsubscribe” header may show a bar/banner at the top of emails, which users can click to opt-out of similar emails.

These are just a few of the new and improved features for MIDAS v4.25. Please see this post for details of other new features you’ll find in v4.25.

Reddit You can also ask questions and discuss the new features of v4.25 over on Reddit.

In the past few posts, we’ve been revealing some of the new features in the next update (v4.24) to our MIDAS room booking and resource scheduling software.

In this post we’re revealing a new email notification that can be configured to automatically send to your clients shortly after their bookings have concluded.

Those familiar with the extensive email notification capabilities of MIDAS will know that you can already configure MIDAS to automatically send clients a variety of notifications. These include; booking confirmations, reminders of their upcoming bookings, invoice payment reminders and more. In fact there are no fewer than 10 different email notification types available in MIDAS, each of which may be individually customizable through templates.

For v4.24 we’re adding in an additional email notification template to the list – that for “Booking Feedback”. The idea being that a short time after a client’s booking has taken place, MIDAS can automatically send them a courtesy follow-up email. This could simply thank them for their visit, or invite them to provide feedback on their room hire experience at your organization.

New Booking Feedback email template in MIDAS
New “Booking Feedback” email template in MIDAS v4.24

As with all other editable templates in MIDAS, the new “Booking Feedback” template may be freely modified and customized to your particular requirements. Templates are accessed and modified via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Templates. Your templates may be customized to include simple HTML code and placeholder variables.

(as a side note, eagle-eyed viewers may also note from the above screenshot that we’ve also now made the Template Preview and Template Code areas vertically resizable! Previously these were both a fixed height)

Once you’ve customized your “Booking Feedback” email template, you can then enable it and control how long after a client’s booking has concluded MIDAS should wait before sending the email. These settings may be configured via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Scheduled Tasks.

Enable a Scheduled Task to automatically send an email to a client after their visit
Enable a Scheduled Task to automatically email a client after their visit

For these post-booking emails to be automatically sent to your clients, you’ll need to have Scheduled Tasks correctly configured on your server. If Scheduled Tasks are correctly configured, the “Last Run” time indicated in the above screenshot should show a time within the last 60 minutes. All our cloud-hosted customer’s MIDAS systems are pre-configured to run scheduled tasks. For self-hosted customers, if you’ve not yet configured Scheduled Tasks on your server, please refer to our KB article: How to configure your server to run Scheduled Tasks.

We hope our customers will appreciate this new notification and template addition to the forthcoming v4.24 update. In our next blog post, we’ll take a look at how the functionality of this new feature can be further enhanced with a brand-new optional addon… so stay tuned to our blog to discover more in the coming days!