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Coming soon in MIDAS v3.11

Hi Folks,
A new update to MIDAS is coming very soon, so we thought we’d take a few moments to give you a sneak peak at some of the new features you’ll find in v3.11

Apply Discounts to Booking Types

Apply Discounts to Booking TypesA popular request we often receive from users, is the ability to charge different room rates to different clients. Well, v3.11 allows you to assign “discounts” to your Booking Types. For example, if you charge $100/Hour for a room to Corporate clients, but wish to only charge $50/hour for the same room to a Community client, you can create a “Community” Booking Type, with a 50% Booking Type Discount rate!

Shut Venues Between Two Dates

Shut Venues Between Two DatesIf your venues are seasonal or have “down time”, v3.11 will allow you to “close” individual venues to new bookings between two dates. Additionally, if you have a new venue being built which isn’t coming “on-line” until some point in the future, you can still add your new venue to MIDAS, but specify a “Closed Until” time, so that no bookings can be added before your venue’s opening date!

Disable Booking “Times” Field

Disable Booking TimesWe know that some users of MIDAS book their rooms by the day, rather than by the hour. v3.11 will allow you to globally disable start/end times when adding bookings, so bookings are instead added for entire days (Midnight – Midnight)

Paginate Search Results

Paginate Search ResultsIn previous versions of MIDAS, there was a limit on the maximum number of search results returned in total, however, these would all be displayed on the same page, leading to slower page loading times. v3.11 now “paginates” it’s search results, to make them load faster and save you having to scroll down long pages of search results

“Pin” Booking Information

Pin Booking InformationWhen you “hover” over a booking in the booking grid, useful info about the booking is displayed in the “Booking Info” panel, but when you move the mouse away, this information disappears – well, not anymore! v3.11 allows you to “Pin” this information so there will always be something displayed in the booking info panel

Jump to Specific Invoices

Jump to Specific InvoicesYou no longer need to scroll through lengthy lists of invoices, v3.11 will allow you to quickly “jump” to an invoice, simply by entering the Invoice Number!

Clone Existing User

Clone Existing UsersIf you need to set up multiple user accounts in MIDAS, v3.11 makes it even easier to set user permissions which you can “clone” from an existing user

Other Highlights Coming in v3.11..

MIDAS v3.11 is coming very soon… be sure to check back regularly to be the first to know when it’s released! …or if you can’t wait, try the BETA now!

Become a BETA Tester!

You can help us improve MIDAS by becoming a BETA Tester!

What is a MIDAS BETA Tester?
A MIDAS BETA Tester is someone who tries out new versions of MIDAS before they are publicly released, and reports any issues/glitches they find in these pre-release versions

Can anyone become a BETA Tester?
Yes! Whether you’re an existing MIDAS user or not, you can apply to become a MIDAS BETA Tester. No programming experience is necessary!

What are the benefits?
To us, the benefits are enormous, as this testing helps us identify and correct issues that we might otherwise miss before a new version gets released… in return you get to play with new features before they are released, and have a say into the development of MIDAS!

Is it FREE?
Yes, being a MIDAS BETA Tester is completely FREE!!

To find out more and to apply to become a BETA Tester, please visit //