MIDAS v4.08 is on the horizon, and as is becoming tradition we’re giving readers of our blog a sneak preview of some of the new and improved features you’ll be able to find in this forthcoming update to our popular Web Based Room Booking and Resource Scheduling Software.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at a new report coming to the Statistics generation capabilities of MIDAS…

MIDAS is already capable of generating a wealth of graphical statistics and reports into your bookings, clients, invoices, resources, and venue usage, not to mention you can also export data in a range of formats for further analysis/report generation in 3rd party applications (such as Excel).

Following customer feedback, we’re adding a new “Potential Income” report to the Venue Statistics screen for v4.08.

Potential Income Report

This brand new report outlines the potential income you can expect to receive from each venue over any given date range based on current bookings. The report takes into account any booking type discounts, and provides a complete break down of potential income to provide separate projected income amounts for venue hire, equipment usage, consumables usage, and staffing costs.

With this new “Potential Income” report, you’ll be able to compare your venues and resources to see which are performing best and which are under performing. As this report can also be generated for dates in the future, you can also use this report to gain a clear idea of what future income is likely to be.

MIDAS v4.08 isn’t yet available. It is expected to become available to Beta Testers in the coming weeks, with a full public release soon afterwards. To be amongst the first to be notified once v4.08 becomes available, be sure to join our Mailing List and follow us on Social Media