We care about privacy, which is why we’re introducing “Do-Not-Track” support in our forthcoming update, MIDAS v4.16.

“Do-Not-Track” is a setting present in most modern web browsers, which if enabled instructs web servers not to track you (i.e. not to track your visit, or not to tailor advertising based on your browsing habits, etc).

More and more web sites are increasingly respecting this user privacy preference – but its fair to say that many still don’t.

Now, Ordinarily, the “Recent Activity” log in MIDAS – which records all user activity taking place in your scheduling system – also logs each user’s IP address.

Do Not Track (dnt) Support in MIDAS
Do Not Track (dnt) Support in MIDAS

For v4.16 we’re introducing a new “Honor user’s Do Not Track preference?” setting. If enabled, MIDAS won’t log user’s IP addresses in its Recent Activity log if the user has enabled the “Do-Not-Track” setting in their browser.