Firefox 6
If you’re a Firefox user, you’ll be pleased to know the next version of Mozilla’s popular browser, Firefox 6.0, was released yesterday!

MIDAS is already fully compatible with Firefox 6 because as part of our commitment to our browser based scheduling software, here at MIDAS HQ we regularly test our web app in alpha and beta “development builds” of all 5 major browsers before final versions are released! This helps us to identify as early as possible any potential incompatibilities, so that we can address them before a major browser update is publicly released! (…in fact, right now we’re testing MIDAS in early alpha builds of Firefox 8.0 and it’s running like a dream!)

To find out what’s new in Firefox 6.0, check out the Release Notes, and if you’ve not yet updated your Firefox, be sure to get version 6 now!! …it’s free and only take a couple of minutes to update!