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No, we’re not based in American Samoa!

Occasionally, folks reach out to us and ask us if we’re based in American Samoa, as our domain name ends in “.as”.

“.as” is the domain extension for the country American Samoa – knows as a Country Code Top-Level domain (or ccTLD). Every country in the world has been assigned a ccTLD. For example, “.fr” is the ccTLD belonging to France, “.au” is the ccTLD assigned to Australia, and so forth.

Typically, ccTLDs are used for individuals, organizations, and businesses based in that country. For instance, a UK-based business may choose to have a “.uk” domain name.

If MIDAS isn’t based in American Samoa, why use an “.as” domain?

This is what’s known as a “domain hack“. A “domain hack” is a domain name that suggests a word, phrase or brand by combining two or more adjacent parts of the domain, which usually ends by incorporating the letters from a ccTLD to complete the word.

Here’s some common Domain Hack examples:

  • (using the .gl ccTLD of Greenland)
  • (using the .am ccTLD of Armenia)
  • (using the .be ccTLD of Belgium)

Because our room booking software is called “MIDAS”, we chose the domain name “MID.AS”.

So where is MIDAS based?

We’re actually based here in the UK

So whenever you see a domain name ending with a ccTLD, don’t assume that the website or business is specific to the country indicated by the ccTLD. It may well be that the business is global or located elsewhere in the world and is just using a ccTLD as a “domain hack” to form part of a word.

NHS Staff DiscountOften viewed as the envy of the rest of the world, the UK’s National Health Service celebrates its 70th birthday today!

To celebrate this milestone, throughout July we’re offering NHS staff £70 OFF our MIDAS Room Booking & Resource Scheduling Software!

..and best of all, this discount can be used to purchase MIDAS on behalf of ANY business or community organization!

NHS staff can claim this special discount right now at

So if you know someone who works within the NHS, please feel free share this very special limited time offer with them.

Don’t work (or know anyone who works) for the NHS? Well, make sure you follow us on Social Media as we run special offers and discounts through our social media channels from time to time (in fact, we ran an offer just last month!)

We care about privacy, which is why we’re introducing “Do-Not-Track” support in our forthcoming update, MIDAS v4.16.

“Do-Not-Track” is a setting present in most modern web browsers. If enabled, it instructs web servers not to track you. This can mean not to track your visit, or not to tailor advertising based on your browsing habits, etc.

More and more websites are increasingly respecting this user privacy preference – but it’s fair to say that many still don’t.

Now, Ordinarily, the “Recent Activity” log in MIDAS – which records all user activity taking place in your scheduling system – also logs each user’s IP address.

Do Not Track (dnt) Support in MIDAS
Do Not Track (dnt) Support in MIDAS

For v4.16 we’re introducing a new “Honor user’s Do Not Track preference?” setting. If enabled, MIDAS won’t log user’s IP addresses in its Recent Activity log if the user has also enabled the “Do-Not-Track” setting in their browser.

One of the things we’re really proud of is the extensive sources of self-help that we make available to our customers.

This includes complete online help documentation, downlodable/printable manuals (in PDF format), a host of easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials, and an extensive Knowledgebase containing answers to common questions our customers have.

In the addition to this wealth of self-help resources, for the forthcoming release of MIDAS v4.16, we’re also adding an optional “Quick Tour” of the user interface within MIDAS itself:

Optional Quick Tour upon first login

Upon the very first login by a user to MIDAS, they’ll be presented with an option to take a quick tour.

Quick Tour of the Booking Information Panel

The Quick Tour will outline all the key elements to their MIDAS screen, which they can step through at their own pace.

Quick Tour of the Manage MIDAS settings

The tour will also describe the function of each toolbar icon that’s available to the user.

Additional Sources of Help

The Quick Tour can be closed at any point, and won’t be shown again the next time the user logs in.

Initially, the Quick Tour will only be available to new users running MIDAS under one of the English language variations, and will only be shown on Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop devices (it won’t be shown on very small mobile device screens).