The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is arguably the largest global health threat in modern times. Now classified as a “Pandemic” by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is currently having – and predicted to have further – far reaching consequences for organizations and businesses around the world.

We want to do our best to support our MIDAS customers in affected businesses however we can, which is why today we’re announcing a package of support measures for affected businesses;

Firstly, exclusively for our customers in Medical/Healthcare organizations – we recognize the unprecedented demand that there is – and will be – on your services over the coming weeks and months. If your MIDAS subscription is shortly due for renewal, we will allow an additional “grace period” for you to complete your payment without risk of your MIDAS access becoming suspended. We believe its far more important for your focus right now to be on helping those impacted by the Coronavirus in your care than it is on paying bills, and therefore we are happy to defer any upcoming renewal payment for your MIDAS service for up to six months. [1]

Secondly, we want to support our customers in businesses and organizations which may be forced to temporarily close and suspend their operations as a result of Government guidance or restrictions put in place in response to Coronavirus – for example, if your School has been temporarily shut. If your business/organization has been forced to temporarily suspend its operations, and therefore you won’t be using your MIDAS system for a number of weeks, we don’t feel it’s fair that you should continue to pay for a service during the period it would be redundant. If you’re in this situation, please contact us, as we’d be happy to put a temporary suspension on your MIDAS system for a length of time you wish. Once access is then re-instated, we’ll be happy to extend your current subscription period by the same length of time your system was suspended for. For example, if your school is forced to shut for the next four weeks, we can suspend your MIDAS system for this length of time, and then extend your next subscription renewal date by four weeks. This ensures that you’ll effectively not be paying for your MIDAS system during the period your organization/business is forced to close. [2]

Thirdly, we recognize that a growing number of employees are now being encouraged to work from home by their employers or government in order to minimize their risk of exposure to and fight transmission of Coronavirus. We also know that in many of our customer’s organizations several members of staff may share the same user account for logging into their MIDAS system – for example, in part time or job share situations. With more people now being encouraged to work remotely from home, you may feel that the current user limit on your MIDAS license makes it difficult for all your staff to still be able to access your MIDAS system remotely and effectively work from home. Therefore, we’re offering temporary user license increases for up to six months for organizations this would directly benefit to enable them to allow their workforce to work remotely from home. [3]

If you feel that any of the above measures could better support your operations during this challenging time, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to see if we can help.

[1] This applies to both self-hosted and cloud-hosted MIDAS customers in medical/healthcare related organizations only.
[2] This applies to cloud-hosted MIDAS customers only whos business operations have temporarily ceased as a result of government restrictions or other officially recognized guidance. Temporary suspensions won’t be “back dated” and will only come into affect once requested by contacting us.
[3] This applies to cloud-hosted MIDAS customers who wish to enable more of their staff to work from home and still access their MIDAS system in the short term in response to the Coronavirus. After six months, the customer has the option to retain the new user license level by purchasing the license upgrade, or reverting back to their previous license level (in which case any additionally added user accounts would be removed)

Please note that the support measures outlined herein are discretionary, and eligibility will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account – but not limited to – the “Notes” section above. As the Coronavirus is an unprecedented and rapidly changing, fluid situation, we reserve the right to refuse, revoke, or amend any support measure outlined herein at any time without prior notice.

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