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Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Now Available

Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge

Today, Microsoft have launched their latest operating system, Windows 10, and with it a brand new web browser called “Edge” which is designed to be the successor to their long running Internet Explorer web browser.

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ll already know a bit about Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge…

Windows 10 is a FREE optional update for all current users of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 which will be slowly rolling out in the coming weeks (can’t wait that long? Microsoft have provided tools to download Windows 10 now)

Our world-class web based room booking and resource scheduling software, MIDAS, is already fully compatible, so if you’re considering making the jump to Windows 10 but are worried about compatibility issues with your existing apps and software, rest assured MIDAS will work on Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge!

MIDAS in Microsoft Edge

MIDAS running in Microsoft’s new Edge web browser

What’s more, to celebrate the launch of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, we’re offering 10% off new purchases of MIDAS until the end of August for users of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

To find out more and receive your exclusive 10% discount, please visit

New Addon: Slack Integration

SlackSlack is a versatile and increasingly popular team messaging platform, offering real-time communication and collaboration with your colleagues via the web as well as mobile platforms.

Slack already integrates with a vast range of tools and services you use every day to keep all your communication in one central place, but we are pleased to announce that our web based room booking and resource scheduling software, MIDAS is the very first room booking system to offer integration with Slack though our new optional addon!

Available for MIDAS v4.09+, our Slack addon allows “Watch” notifications from your MIDAS system to be posted in real-time to your team’s Slack feed..

Slack Stream

For example, you could setup Watch notifications to automatically post to your Slack stream whenever new bookings are added, or when certain bookings are cancelled, or whenever refreshments are added to bookings, or when you’re running low on consumables!

Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Coming Soon!

Microsoft EdgeYou may have heard that Microsoft are busy working on their successor to the widely criticized Windows 8 operating system; Windows 10 (what happened to Windows 9 we hear you ask? Well, apparently, Microsoft were worried that people would confuse it with Windows 95 or 98!)

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft have been developing a brand new web browser that will be the successor to their long running Internet Explorer web browser (although both browsers will be included in Windows 10). The name of Microsoft’s new flagship browser for Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, and yesterday Microsoft announced the release date for Windows 10 as being July 29th 2015.

Microsoft Edge

We’re pleased to announce that as well as continuing to support our Web Based Room Booking & Resource Scheduling, MIDAS, in all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari), we’ll be adding Microsoft Edge to that list as well!

We’ve already been testing MIDAS in the preview builds of Edge, and we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen so far – Edge offers noticeable performance improvements over Internet Explorer.

MIDAS in Microsoft Edge

MIDAS in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The good news is that the current version of MIDAS (v4.09) will work with Edge right out of the metaphorical box! So if you’re keen to upgrade to Windows 10 (which, by the way is a FREE upgrade for Windows 7/8 users within the first year of Windows 10’s release!) but are worried about compatibility issues with MIDAS, then fear not! – we’ve got you covered!

MIDAS v4.09 Now Available!

If you follow us on social media, then you’ll probably already be aware of MIDAS v4.09 and the buzz its been generating amongst users, especially surrounding the new “Booking Alternatives” feature!

Here’s what a few customers have already said on this exciting brand new feature:

“Trying not to overreact here…THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! … This just changed everything!”
“Very nice – love the Booking Alternatives feature!! – Bring it on!”
“4.09 looks good, especially that Booking Alternatives feature!”

We’re excited to announce that this new update is now available, so you can start taking advantage of all the new features of v4.09 for yourself!

Here’s what’s new and improved in MIDAS v4.09:

Booking Alternatives Multiple Client Email Addresses Optional High Resolution SVG Theme
Booking Alternatives Multiple Client Email Addresses Optional High Resolution SVG Theme

How To Get MIDAS v4.09

New customers can purchase v4.09 securely and directly through our website at

Existing MIDAS customers running “self-hosted” editions with a valid Annual Support Subscription can update to v4.09 from within the software right now via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update.

Existing customers who instead have their MIDAS hosted by us in the “cloud” don’t need to do anything – we’ve already automatically updated you to v4.09!

We hope you enjoy the new & improved features of MIDAS v4.09!

Over the past couple of blog posts, we’ve been looking at some of the new features coming in our next update to MIDAS, v4.09, including high resolution SVG graphics, and the ability to assign multiple email addresses to each client.

However, the features we’re perhaps most excited about, revolve around those instances where you encounter an “Unavailable” on the Booking Availability screen because the venue/times you’ve specified would conflict with an existing booking.

We’ve made two significant improvements in this area for v4.09 – firstly, an icon will appear alongside any instance of “Unavailable” which you can hover your mouse over to see full details of the existing booking which conflicts with the one you’re trying to make, in the Booking Information Panel.

But wait – that’s not all! MIDAS v4.09 is also capable of offering you booking “alternatives” in the event of a conflicting booking!

Booking Alternatives

MIDAS can offer you alternative times for the booking you’re trying to add (i.e. earlier or later than you’d originally specified), as well as alternative venues at the times you’re trying to book. Selecting one of the offered alternative times/venues can be done with a single click from the Booking Availability screen, so there’s no more having to go back and “Change Booking” to try a different time/venue yourself, MIDAS will offer such alternatives for you!

What’s more, we’re giving you lots of control over the “Booking Alternatives” feature…

Booking Availability Settings

For instance, you can control whether MIDAS should offer earlier times, later times, alternate venues, or any combination of the three.

Furthermore, when offering earlier/later alternative times, you can enforce a “spacing” (or “buffer”) between the conflicting booking and the proposed alternative.

Where MIDAS is set to offer alternative venues, you can specify for each of your venues which other venues should be offered as suitable alternatives:

Specifying Alternate Venues

Watch a short 3 minute video tutorial on the new Booking Alternatives feature:

MIDAS v4.09 isn’t quite ready yet, however, we are currently looking for Beta Testers to help test this next update to our software before it is becomes publicly available – If you’re interested in helping us make our software the very best it can be, please consider becoming a valued Beta Tester today – it’s free, and you don’t need any experience or programming knowledge, all you’ll need to do is test and play with the new features of v4.09 and provide us with your feedback and bug reports!